Wil Cormier Fine art editions
     Mermaids of Atlantis has been brought to life by internationally acclaimed artist, Wil Cormier. Now you can take advantage of the potential treasures of his exploration, with this collectible Mermaids of Atlantis series. Each one of his limited editions mermaid prints take you on a breathtaking underwater journey to a floral fantasy amidst stunning ancient ruins and fascinating creatures of the sea. It's a highly original series of mermaid art that will stir imaginations and help bring the legendary civilization to life.
     Incredible beauty. Uncompromising quality. Exceptional value. Every mermaid art print is a magnificent "Giclee" reproduction on acid-free stock, with oil embelishments and is published from the artists original oil painting. All Wil Cormier mermaid prints are signed by the artist, consecutively numbered and accompanied by a personalized certificate of authenticity.
Custom Framing by Wil Cormier is also available. Please inquire. All prices include U.S. & International shipping.
You will find Wil Cormier's Art displayed next to the Mermaid tank in the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, NV. You will also find his work at select Wyland Galleries.
(Ask us about a flexible payment plan that can meet your needs.)
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Poseidon's Treasures WC - 09
Wil Cormier Mermaid Fantasy Art

(Click on image to enlarge)
Size: 24" x 32" S/N
Edition Size: 95 = $1,400

Size 30" x 40" S/N
Edition Size: 150 = $1,750 
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 09 


    Underneath the sea floor lies a hidden chamber that houses beautiful marine life and artifacts from a long lost civilization.  Below Poseidon's statue, lay many ancient artifacts and treasures as this mermaid discovers.
The Swimming lesson WC - 05
Fine Art L/E

(click on image to enlarge)
Size: 20" x 27" S/N
Edition Size: 85 = $1,175

Size: 30" x 40" S/N
Edition Size: 65 = $1,750
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 05 


     Mother and daughter are enjoying their swim as they travel through ancient ruins and interact with fascinating creatures of the sea.  The dolphin ahead of them is being very playful as it is carrying a puffer fish on its nose like a ball.  This area is filled with artifacts from the ancient Lost City of Atlantis.
Race to Bimini WC - 07
Race to Bimini

(Click on image to enlarge)
Size 24" x 32" SN
Edition Size: 95 = $1,400

Size 30" x 40" SN
Edition Size: 150 = $1,750 
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 07 

Size & Options:

     In the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Florida, lies a land known as Bimini. Here an annual race takes place between a mermaid and her ocean companions.  The race begins in North Bimini and ends up 6 miles away at South Bimini. The mermaid is a favorite to win with her speedy white unicorn seahorse by her side.
Catch of the Day WC - 03
Catch of the Day

(Click on image to enlarge)
Size: 18" x 28 1/2" S/N
Edition Size: 65 = $1,200

Size: 24" x 38" S/N
Edition Size: 65 = $1,550

Size 30" x 48" S/N
Edition Size 25 = $1,950 
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 03 


     As a young boy, I was always fascinated with the various kinds of sea creatures that exist below the oceans surface.  In this painting a joke is being played on a young fisherman and his dog companion by a mermaid with a sense of humor.
Discovery WC - 08

(Click on image to enlarge)
Size 20" x 30" S/N
Edition Size: 85 = $1,250

Size: 28" x 42" S/N
Edition Size: 65 = $1,750
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 08 


     While sitting on an old ancient vase, this young mermaid is being captivated by a very beautiful sea flower. Her young companions including a clown fish are also making their own discovery.
The Story Teller WC - 02
Story Teller

(click on image to enlarge)
Size: 24" x 29" S/N
Edition size: 110 = $1,350

Size: 30" x 36" S/N
Edition Size: 110 = $1,650
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 02 


     This gypsy looking mermaid is telling a story to her younger but very curious audience about the history of civilization from a mermaids perspective.  All the artifacts in this area including an old pirate ship in the distance represent different historical times including the ancient Lost City of Atlantis. One the other attendees of this story telling event is a pet shellfish wearing a spiked collar.
Land of Enchantment WC - 06
Land of Enchantment

(Click on image to enlarge)
Size: 15 x 33" SN
Edition Size: 120 = $1,200

Size: 20" x 43" SN
Edition Size: 120 = $1,575 
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 06 


Mermaids of Atlantis collector's set (New!)
Set of 6 W/Envelopes

(Click on image to see set of 6)

"Mermaids of Atlantis" collector's set

Set includes 6 beautifully printed cards
and white envelopes.

Amazing art by Wil Cormier.

Blank inside. (Sold Out)
Product SKU/Part Number: WCGCS - 001 

Serenity WC - 04

(Click on image to enlarge)
Size 20" x 30" S/N
Edition Size: 85 = $1,250

Size: 28" x 42" S/N
Edition Size: 65 = $1,750 
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 04 


     This mermaid is enjoying the tranquility of a beautiful moonlit night while sitting on a rock near the waves on a tropical beach and sounds from distant waterfalls can be heard as they make their way down the sea cliffs.
Bioluminescent Mermaid WC - 01
Bioluminescent Mermaid

(Click on image to enlarge)
Size: 20" x 30" S/N
L/E of 50 = $1,250

Size: 28" x 42" S/N
L/E of 25 = $1,750 
Product SKU/Part Number: WC - 01 


     As a teenager during the summer I worked as a lab technician for my father on an island off the coast of Georgia.  The creatures that my father studied lived in extreme ocean depths and produced their own light or bioluminescence.  In this painting I am depicting my interpretation of what a bioluminescent mermaid would look like.  The angler fish that the mermaid is holding attracts its prey by a glowing filament antenna that helps lure its prey into its mouth.
See Wil Cormier's Open editions Pg. 1.

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